Cost Of Study In MALAYSIA

Cost of study

 As an example, you can acquire a UK engineering degree (3 years) in Malaysia through a 3+0 foreign university franchised degree programe at an estimated RM68,000 (US$17,000), whereas the tuition fee of the same 3-year degree programme at the host university in the UK is about £36,000 (or RM217,000 or US$54,250). As such, a student can save up to RM149,000 (US$37,250) in tuition fees if he or she chooses to study in Malaysia. If cost of living is taken into account, students who complete their entire 3+0 degree in Malaysia can save up to an estimated RM216,000 (US$54,000).


Education Costs in Malaysia

Your course fees will consist of your tuition fees plus other related study expenses. Below are types of fees that you may incur during your course of study :

1. Academic Fees:

  • Registration fee
  • Tuition fee
  • Deposit
  • Computer/Science laboratory fee
  • Health & hospitalisation insurance premium
  • Library fee
  • Other incidental costs such as examination fees

2. Non-academic Fees:

  • Student visa fees
  • Medical check-up
  • Health and hospitalisation insurance premium

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