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What is welding: The process of joining two pieces of metal, using electric conductors as a consumable electrode with providing weld pool in the joining section is welding.

 Course Description:This course is designed to provide the Iron Worker student with training in oxyfuel gas cutting, shielded metal arc, flux cored arc, and gas tungsten arc welding processes.

 Course Objective:

 The objective of this course is to enable a student to weld using oxyfuel gas cutting, shielded metal arc, flux cored arc and gas tungsten arc welding processes.

Learning Outcomes:

 Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

 ·        Weld and cut using oxyacetylene.

·         Weld using the shielded metal arc welding process.

·         Weld using the flux cored arc welding process.

·         Weld using the gas tungsten arc welding process.

Length of Course:


This course is designed to be offered during a total of 110 hours – 30 hours of classroom instruction and 80 hours of hands-on lab or shop training. It is recommended that classroom and hands-on lab or shop sessions be combined where appropriate. For example, the instructor may spend 90 minutes in lecture in the classroom followed by 90 minutes in the lab or shop. This means the course may consist of 36 or 37 3-hour sessions. When appropriate, more class sessions may be held for shorter periods of time in order to provide the student with sufficient opportunities to learn the content.


Course sessions may be conducted during evenings in blocks of 3 or 4 hours or may be conducted during all day sessions. Given the time required for students to master these skills, it is recommended that all day courses include classroom sessions of no more than a 3 to 4-hour block in the morning and 3 to 4-hour block in the afternoon.

 Lab or shop sessions may be scheduled for as little time as 1 hour and may be as long as 6 hours (with breaks).

Course Materials:


·         Introduction to Welding Reference Manual

·         Oxyfuel Gas Cutting and Welding Reference Manual

·         Shielded Metal Arc Welding Reference Manual

·         Flux Cored Arc Welding Reference Manual

·         Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Reference Manual

·         Welding for Ironworkers Instructor Guide (for instructors only)

·         Welding for Ironworkers DVD

·         Welding for Ironworkers Student Workbook

·         Assignment Sheets (in the Student Workbook)

·         Job Sheets (in the Student Workbook)

·         Tests (in the Instructor Guide)


Welding methods:

1-SMAW welding: Main welding method, using electrode as conductor, mostly usage outside piping, general welding, apartment structures and more

2-TIG WELDING: Most delicate methods in welding, using argon gas as weld pool shield, proper for sensitive joints, Alloys, and more.

3-MIG MAG: Durability, easy to perform, effective on all thicknesses, mostly usage in car industry and factories.

JOB OPPURTIONITY: railing, car industry, building, bridge structure, home appliance, shipping industry, and lots more.

Course objective: principles of welding, empowering the skills in SMAW welding, Definition of Electrodes, knowing about the positions, safety in welding, behavior of weld and metal and more